GeoXplor Corp.

GeoXplor Corp’s agenda has always been continental U.S. production oriented properties. Leaders in project generation for fifteen years the prospecting duo of Clive Ashworth and John Rud has been unbeatable when it comes to evaluating mineral prospects, especially in the “electric metals” arena. Forerunners in the uranium and lithium booms to rare earths and graphite, the likes of Pure Energy Minerals, Lithium X Energy and Global Graphite Li-On Corp have all benefited tremendously by taking on its properties. Any project presented by GeoXplor has gone through a rigorous vetting process before presentation. State of the art prospecting tools and equipment allow the company to achieve immediate and onsite appraisals of any property, enabling site visits to hundreds of locations before settling with the best.

As Operators GeoXplor knows the very best contractors at the very best prices to conduct and exploration and development work and importantly all the regulations and permitting processes thus giving the client an uninterrupted exploration time-line to development.


Clive Ashworth


Clive has spent a life-time in mineral exploration starting out in B.C., then forming his exploration contracting firm servicing Junior and Senior mining companies all over North America, South America and parts of Africa. Always at the lead in any commodity boom he has had an uncanny knack for being at the right place at the right time. Clive is the 'deal-making' arm of GeoXplor and resides in Vancouver.

John Rud


Graduating from University of Oregon with a M.Sc. Geology in 1971, John has spent a life-time in mineral exploration. Prospecting, program management, mining, mine rehab, and mill building have all been part of his 55 year career. There are very few geologists alive today who have had such a rich and diversified career as his , that can also put their name to at least 20 producing mines in the South West, USA. The last 10 years has seen John become one of the worlds experts in lithium brine exploration and development in the USA, particularly Clayton Valley, Nevada.